The Glass Goblet – A True Story

Way back in the days gone by, around the Pleistene age, we saw the Iberians and later on also the Britons using sturdy baked clay goblets to drink their beverages from. The Phoenicians taught the Britons to make a copper alloy which in turn began the incredible period in time of the Bronze age, and timber and bronze tankards were showing up everywhere.
The Romans introduced silver and pottery goblets in the early part of the Roman Empire that were bedecked with ornate scroll work of pairs of leaves with buds. The Romans also made strong yet heavy lead goblets.

In the 5th century AD saw the introduction of a cup that had a fine stern underneath of it and this was mainly used by the upper classes. The lower classes would drink from their solid pottery goblets. When the Saxons later invaded from the north they brought with them incredibly stunning goblets that were made of tough thick glass that had gold and jewels encrusted all over them. They were made extremely well and at night sparkled and gleamed in the moonlight.

Today though in the present clear glass goblets or the the Bremen Pokal (the German word for goblet) have now become an all purpose glass used in the serving of wine, cocktails, ice tea, cold water or that amazing specialty drink of distinction that we all so like to concoct. This thick, sturdy, strong and yet charming drinking glass is idyllic for wine. Holding one is quite comfortable and it will sit inside the palm of your hand very nicely indeed.

There are an amazing amount of styles, sizes and designs of clear glass goblets on the marketplace for all budgets these days and some are fantastically cheap and others like vintage glass goblets are very in saying that they are unquestionably one the most stylish and yet sensible way to consume your favorite cocktail or glass of wine in the marketplace in the present day. My favorite would have to be the blown goblet as it has that medieval ancient times look about it.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my brief history and up to date facts behind the glass goblet and the next time you take a sip of your favorite beverage just think back about those incredible times and maybe for a fleeting moment you will be amongst the medieval magic of a time gone by.

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